Life is evolution. Energy is love. I lay tiles under my feet

Things that cannot be separated from my life: Atopy, curry rice, slight humor, explosive libido and harmony with existing human society.

Samasa views life as "a particularly vivid part of habitual activities in the process of biological evolution". Vivid means "bright with a clear color and shape". On top of that, I am always thinking about the emotions that everyday life bring to photographic works in order to create photographs that are more closely related to "life".

But all that I'm doing today is just going back and forth the narrow corridor in my parents house at midnight. I haven't succeeded in getting harmony with human society. This is because the reason why I love you is so complicated and unexplainable.

14 June, 2020

Sentences and Photography / Samantha Samasa

Translation proofreading / Yu Asahina







翻訳校正/朝比奈 優有

©︎ Samantha Samasa